What Type of Training Do Commercial Locksmiths Receive?

Are you looking to become a commercial locksmith? If so, you'll need to receive the right training and certification to ensure you can provide the best service possible. There are several ways to get the training and certification you need, from self-paced online courses to in-person classes. In this article, we'll discuss the different types of training and certification available for commercial locksmiths, as well as what you can expect from each. The easiest way to get training and certification is through a local community college or technology school. Several of these schools offer self-paced online locksmith programs that allow you to complete your studies while working full time.

Certification is recommended, but not required. There are also opportunities for online and in-person education. Most employers will require a high school diploma or GED. Many community colleges and technical schools offer classes designed to teach the ins and outs of the trade. These courses include training on how to open locked safes, open locks without a key, and more.

Nowadays, you can even find virtual courses to sign up for to take your education to the next level. Our intensive 5-day general locksmith course was designed with beginners in mind. At the end of this course, students will be prepared to go out and successfully start their own mobile or physical locksmith business. This course will cover all aspects of residential and commercial locksmithing, as well as how to start and market a business. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate of completion and will qualify for basic locksmithing certification. The only nationally recognized locksmith certification currently available is through the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA).

This certification is accepted by state governments when approving locksmith licenses. King Locksmiths only offers ALOA certified technicians in its directory, so you can rest easy knowing that your local locksmith will be highly trained, qualified, and licensed. Yes, locksmithing is fairly easy for most to learn, but it can take a few years before you become a full-fledged locksmith. Locksmiths who can help people when they accidentally lock their key inside their home or replace old locks with more modern ones are known as residential locksmiths. It is highly recommended to take a locksmith training course that will teach you all the locksmith techniques currently in use. The most common and well-known certification is the Certified Master Locksmith (CML).

Commercial locksmiths can be well-versed in master key systems, access card readers, and automated locking systems. Most commercial locksmiths acquire long-term partners with specific companies and may charge monthly maintenance fees for some companies, allowing them to spend minimal time on site once the systems are installed. Most commercial locksmiths work in their own store serving the community, or work specifically with small businesses and corporations, such as real estate companies and law firms, to solve their lock problems. ALOA is the only industry association that provides training and certification to locksmiths, which means that their locksmiths are highly trained and reliable.

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